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the recent vote on renewing FISA #Section702 has only reinforced a conclusion I came to a while ago: fixing the law is noble but usually fruitless. instead we should push for strong encryption and federation and anyone who wants to pass laws that say unconstitutional mass surveillance is legal will have no option but to go screw themselves.

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You have to also fear "malicious compliance" on the part of the bureaucrats implementing the law. That itself can be the most dangerous thing.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2018-01-27T22:00:31Z

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If your criteria is fruitfulness, you're giving federation quite a pass. You with a policy rather than technical implementation focus would have conclusion that technical enforcement of privacy and free speech is noble but usually fruitless reinforced every day. Mass surveillance, including physical, is getting cheaper by the day. There will be more of it. Both political and technical countermeasures are necessary; don't discount either.

Mike Linksvayer at 2018-01-27T22:20:14Z

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@alex@pump.strugee.net I 100% agree.

Evan Prodromou at 2018-01-29T04:46:43Z

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@Mike privacy and security right now are, technically speaking, mostly disasters. Absolutely. The point of what I was saying wasn't to discount that, just to point out that I can actually do something about the technical side, but making policy changes with the current slate of politicians is probably hopeless.

AJ Jordan at 2018-02-01T03:00:31Z