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Sorry, broke the instance again when I tried to upgrade from NodeJS 4.9.1 up …

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oof, sorry. there's some weird problems with Node 10 I never found time to look into... Node 8 should work ok though, and is supported with security updates.

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Thank you! I'll move up to Node 8. I did the upgrade because I read that Pump on Node 4 and Node 6 were not going to be supported any more. However, for the time being the site is running fine so there's no urgency to doing the upgrade. Perhaps I'll find some time next weekend.

Splicer at 2019-02-18T15:30:08Z

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@Splicer it's true that Node 4 support will be gone in 6.0 (due out Real Soon Now (tm)), and it's already unsupported upstream for security updates. Node 6 is maintained upstream until April 2019, so we will maintain support for it for at least that long :-)

AJ Jordan at 2019-02-18T17:45:36Z